NuFund Venture Group Fuels Innovation in Healthcare with Strategic Investment in AI- Driven Drug Discovery Pioneer, Ordaōs

March 5th, 2024 , San Diego, CA – NuFund Venture Group, a trailblazer in the angel investment community, is thrilled to announce its latest strategic investment in Ordaōs, a human-enabled, machine-driven drug design company that creates novel and customized mini-proteins. This investment is part of Ordaōs’ recent completion of a $5M seed financing round, aimed at rapidly designing new drug candidates across therapeutic areas, particularly for difficult-to-treat diseases.

Ordaōs, a New York-based seed stage startup, is transforming the biotechnology industry with its proprietary Design Engine that leverages multitask meta-learning to create novel mini-proteins from scratch. Mini-proteins are a new class of proteins that have the potential to revolutionize biologics in medicine. Mini-proteins have several potential advantages over larger alternatives, including better penetrability, stability, solubility, and lower costs.

With this investment, NuFund Venture Group continues to demonstrate its commitment to a founder-fair, mentorship-driven approach, offering more than just financial support to its portfolio companies.
Lorenzo Berti, Deal Lead at NuFund Venture Group, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership: “The field of AI in drug discovery is ripe for disruption. Ordaōs’ AI engine is a testament to innovation, blending predictive AI with traditional training set mining and a self-learning module to enhance predictive accuracy. Their in vitro success demonstrates a promising future for faster, more effective drug discovery. This investment reflects our confidence in Ordaōs’ potential to redefine the industry.”

Ordaōs CEO, David Longo, expressed optimism about the collaboration: “At Ordaōs, we’re not just discovering drugs; we’re designing them. With discovery, we are limited by what we can see and what already exists. With design, we are limited only by our imagination, opening up a world of unique possibilities. With NuFund Venture Group’s support, we’re poised to lead this transformation, delivering on our mission to design drugs that reduce suffering and save lives.”

“Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022, AI—and particularly Generative AI—has revolutionized the landscape, heralding a new era of innovation across all sectors worldwide. Among these, healthcare stands out as the most transformative, with its vast potential for impact,” remarked Pankaj Kedia, a distinguished figure in the AI community, serving as NuFund AI Chair & Board Member and 2468 Ventures Founding Managing Partner.

“At NuFund Venture Group, we’re leading the charge in nurturing next-gen technologies and startups poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Through our NuFund AI Demo Days, we’ve scouted for trailblazing startups and founders, identifying Oradaos as a particularly promising enterprise among the multitude of participants. We’re truly impressed with Oradaos’ commitment to utilizing AI for enhancing drug discovery processes and are thrilled to support their endeavors. Congratulations to Ordaōs on their achievements thus far; we eagerly anticipate their future successes as they expand in this era of AI.” he continued.

NuFund Venture Group’s investment in Ordaōs underscores a shared commitment to leveraging AI for meaningful advancements in healthcare. As Ordaōs continues to develop its AI platform and expand its partnerships, this collaboration marks a significant step forward in the journey towards more efficient, effective, and personalized drug discovery.

About NuFund Venture Group:
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About Ordaōs:
Ordaōs is a human-enabled, machine-driven drug design company with the sole mission of leveraging advanced technologies to efficiently and effectively design novel life-changing therapies for patients in need. Our flagship solution, miniPRO™ mini-proteins, enable drug hunters to deliver safer and more effective treatments in a fraction of the time of traditional discovery methods. For additional information, please visit