NuFund Venture Group Invests in CorralData to Make AI-Powered Reporting Effortless

San Diego, CA – May 14,  2024 – NuFund Venture Group is thrilled to announce its investment in CorralData, a full-service, AI-powered analytics platform that radically simplifies centralizing and analyzing data across multiple sources.

NuFund’s investment in CorralData is part of the company’s latest funding round aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of its customer-first data platform. CorralData’s platform offers businesses comprehensive tools to easily manage, analyze, and act on disparate data, addressing critical needs in today’s data-driven landscape.

“We are thrilled to partner with CorralData and support their vision of transforming data management,” said Bryan Barnard, who spearheaded the transaction as the Deal Lead. “CorralData’s innovative platform addresses a critical need in the market, and we believe their solutions will set new standards in the industry.”

According to the New Vantage Partners 2023 State of AI in Digital Marketing Report, 90% of marketers plan to increase their investment in AI next year, reflecting the growing importance of AI in driving business growth and efficiency. Additionally, 86% of marketers will have dedicated budgets for AI tools in 2024, showcasing the strategic priority placed on AI integration. Despite concerns about job displacement, a majority of marketers believe AI will have a positive impact on their careers, emphasizing the need for AI literacy to remain competitive in the job market.

As the world continues to embrace AI technology, CorralData ensures its customers stay ahead of the curve. Customers are now leveraging the platform’s Ask Corral functionality to turn data into actionable insights via plain English. This not only democratizes data but also ensures its security by never exposing customer data to commercial LLMs. By pairing out of the box reporting, ease of chatting with your data in plain English with support for over 500 integrations, CorralData empowers entire organizations to harness the power of AI and data analytics regardless of their technical capabilities.

Alex Lirtsman, Founder and CEO of CorralData, commented, “With NuFund’s investment and support, we are poised to further scale our platform, while doubling down on the effortless setup and powerful capabilities that have made us a game changer for organizations looking to easily drive insights from all of their disparate data sources.”

About NuFund Venture Group
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About CorralData
CorralData is a leading AI platform that enables organizations to access valuable insights and reporting from all their company data with ease. Designed to democratize data and empower users of all skill levels, CorralData offers a radically simple interface with natural language query functionality, making data analysis accessible to everyone. With more than 500 pre-built integrations and AI-powered support for custom data sources, CorralData is committed to helping businesses make data-driven decisions and stay focused on the metrics that matter. For more information, visit