TCA San Diego Community Newsletter – Winter 2020

As we’re finally ready to wrap up this surreal year, it’s worth a moment to take stock of what we’ve lost, what we’ve gained, what we’ve learned, and how we’ll adapt.

We entered 2020 primed for TCA’s biggest and most active year yet. We did, in fact, achieve those goals, though we never could have imagined how they would come to pass.

Our ACE 20 Annual Fund was extremely active at the start of the year – we invested nearly $2.6M before COVID-19 changed everything. Even with a complete halt of our in-person activities, we invested another $800,000 in the two following months.

Adapting to the new normal, we embarked upon a massively successful shift to 100% virtual operations including happy hours, educational seminars and even dinners! Meetings saw record attendance, deal reach expanded, and engagement spiked, as we discovered the benefits of convenience and removal of physical barriers – though we dearly missed the camaraderie and spirited discussion of a room full of friends and fellow investors!

On the subject of friends and investors, TCA-SD continued to grow at a rapid pace, with a 25% increase to more than 260 members! Thanks to this influx of new members, we were able to blow past our ACE 21 Annual Fund fundraising to a total, new record raise of $4.7M! In all, TCA-SD invested $11M in 2020.

We’re well-positioned for the future thanks to our progressive leadership, strong and diverse membership, and generous community support. Our mission to be the premier angel group has only advanced over the past year, and we are excited about our opportunities to help startups thrive in the post-COVID world we will hopefully be entering soon!

– Your Friends at TCA – San Diego

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